3 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Application Process

Traditional ATS application solutions are not built for hourly hiring success. For every 100 candidates who apply via desktop, an average of 8 will complete a job application. For mobile click-throughs, the completion figure is just 1.5 percent.

No matter the applicant tracking system you use, these common application mistakes can negatively affect your hourly recruiting success.
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1. Asking too many questions. When the number of questions exceeds 50, click-to-apply conversion rates drop by nearly 50%. To achieve the optimal conversion rate, it is best to have under 25 questions on your application, only asking the questions that are relevant to key job functions.

Click-to-apply conversion rate


2. Asking the wrong questions. Consider the information that is required to identify if the candidate is the right fit, from hard skills to soft skills. For example, customers hiring for a warehouse position need to know if the candidate is over 18 and can lift 20 pounds.

Below are two examples of questions that could screen-out a perfectly good candidate.

Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Why: For non-driving roles, this question can leave out applicants that would be a great fit.

Do you have experience?
Why: Make experience questions more specific to the role. When a question is too general, candidates are far less likely to answer, and application abandonment increases.

3. Not engaging your hourly candidate. In the new world of recruiting, traditional methods of engagement won’t cut it when recruiting and sourcing for hourly employees. Leverage mobile applications and social media to have an application that takes under 5 minutes. Because many hourly candidates are applying for multiple positions at once, it is important to reach out to your candidates within the first 48 hours to keep them engaged.

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