4 Golden Rules To Reach Your Perfect Hourly Candidate

Don’t Let Your Perfect Hourly Candidate Slip Away

By Drew Branstetter: Drew managed and hired hourly employees before starting his career in the HR Software Industry.  His passion for success combined with his background has made him a perfect fit to be an advisor and partner for our clients.


Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have the perfect candidate on paper, but you can’t get a hold of them?  It’s one of the biggest things my clients struggle with in the hourly recruiting, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned from my professional experience.


#1 – Response Time Is Everything. You need to contact applicants right away.  The application you receive is probably one of many that they are filling out that day.  If they are applying in person take the time to do a quick interview.  If they applied online, make sure you are making contact with them that day.  Your competition probably is as well.


#2 – Ask The Questions: “What is the best way to contact you, phone, text, or email.  Also, what’s the best time of day to contact you?”  An hourly worker usually can’t answer the phone or email you right back while they are working, so knowing what their preferred method of contact is and when you should contact them will make your life easier.


#3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Text.  Just think about the most effective way for you to make plans with your friends and family. Do you give them a call or send them a text?  For most people, the answer is send them a text. And, if you choose to call and they don’t answer, you follow up with a text. Why shouldn’t it work the same way with your new hire?


#4 – Be Persistent and Show Your Interest. Treat them like a salesperson would treat a prospect.  Don’t just call them once and leave it at that.  Leave a voicemail and follow it up with an email or text.  Do that a few times during the week and let them know how excited you are to work with them.  Most people forget that in an interview, the candidate is interviewing the company as well.


Understanding the hourly worker and how to stay competitive in your industry is a continuously evolving question. This is our wheelhouse at Jobalign, and the problem that we address and solve. We will continue to cover these trends and do everything we can to support both the worker in what they want and the employer in what they need. Stay tuned!