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Is Text the Secret to Effective Hourly Recruiting?

Any company that hires hourly talent is aware that attracting and engaging that talent is a struggle. High turnover rates and historically low unemployment rates have driven application numbers down and made hourly hiring more competitive than ever. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the right hires into…

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Jobalign Candidate Messenger is Here!

Today, Jobalign announced the release of Jobalign Candidate Messenger, the newest tool added to our Candidate Engagement Platform, which allows recruiters to text directly with job-seekers from the Jobalign platform. Messages sent through Candidate Messenger are delivered directly to a candidate’s cell…

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Turn Sourcing Into Science

The Jobalign Voice Analyzer makes it easy for recruiters to find out which candidates fit best for customer facing roles. With automated voice screenings, recruiters no longer need to make multiple calls a day to interview candidates, simply let Jobalign Voice Analyzer interview them for you and show…

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6 Things to Consider Before Investing in New HR Technology

With unemployment rates remaining at or near historical lows, the war to attract talent is leading most organizations to pursue technology solutions for faster, more efficient ways of finding job seekers. If predictions are correct, the challenges of finding talent will only worsen. According to an article posted…

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