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Should Marijuana Be Removed from Pre-Employment Drug Screens?

Since the recent change in state laws regarding recreational marijuana use, the topic of pre-employment drug screening has been brought to the front of many employers minds. With 28 states now legalizing medical marijuana and 8 of those legalizing recreational marijuana, the pressure towards employers is growing to make…

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Is There a Skill Gap or a Wage Gap in Hourly Hiring?

With unemployment at an all-time low, employers across the country, from manufacturers in rural Minnesota to hospitals in New York City, are having trouble filling jobs. It now takes about 28 workdays to fill the average job vacancy, compared to about 24 days,…

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Food Service Job Automation: How Soon is it Coming?

When it comes to job automation, it’s not about if  it will happen but rather when it will happen.   The benefits that come with automation are being explored by companies across a variety of industries today, but none more anticipated than the food and beverage industry.

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4 Golden Rules To Reach Your Perfect Hourly Candidate

By Drew Branstetter: Drew managed and hired hourly employees before starting his career in the HR Software Industry.  His passion for success combined with his background has made him a perfect fit to be an advisor and partner for our clients.   Do you ever find yourself in a situation…

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