DreamJobs becomes Jobalign Certified Partner to provide recruitment solutions to enterprises

Partnership Combines Recruitment Process Outsourcing Expertise and Cloud Based Hourly Jobs Recruiting Solution Technology

Toledo, OH—March 8, 2016—DreamJobs announced they have achieved Jobalign Certified Partner status and formed a strategic partnership with Jobalign. Combining DreamJobs’ recruitment process expertise with Jobalign’s cloud based technology, which has been optimized for end-to-end hiring of hourly workers, companies that hire high volumes of hourly workers can achieve reduced time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, while also improving their brand image and reducing attrition.

There are 77 million hourly workers in the U.S. and they are a crucial part of the operation of midsize and large corporations; these workers and the companies that hire them experience different challenges in their continuous process of matching workers with full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs. The job application process might not be mobile-friendly and the processes are plagued with inefficiencies which cause distrust among these hard workers. These issues result in high abandonment rates during the job application process and increased costs for the companies attempting to recruit them; the costs are as high as $2,000 per hire according to the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at U.C. Berkeley.

The total cost of hiring hourly workers is often hidden in a company’s P&L because it is fragmented across different divisions: job advertising, applicant tracking system licenses, mobile career pages, compliance, time spent reaching out to candidates who are non local, unfit or no longer interested, manual processing and onboarding. By combining these costs with the cost of lost productivity associated with the position being vacant, the actual cost of recruitment increases even further.

“Recruiting and employment experts like DreamJobs can leverage our cloud based recruiting technology and advanced analytics to optimize the end-to-end hiring process in high volume operations,” said Luis Salazar, CEO of Jobalign Inc. “Our Jobalign Certified Partner Program combines the best cloud based mobile and bilingual recruiting technology optimized for hourly jobs with the expertise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Employment Branding, Staffing Services and Facility Management from the best players in the industry.”

Through this partnership, corporations can benefit from the expertise of DreamJobs in defining the best job descriptions, competency level and screening criteria to identify local candidates who are good matches for long term employment and proper human intervention. Jobalign’s technology fully automates the sourcing and screening of candidates and makes the process mobile, bilingual and compliant, which results in up to 60 percent reduction in the total cost-per-hire and up to 50 percent reduction in the time-to-hire. Thanks to Jobalign Recruiting Analytics, the partnership also provides clear visibility into each candidate’s progress throughout the process: job advertising, mobile application, even via text messaging, matching, real time screening and onboarding. It also provides a full view into the operation of high volume hiring environments, enabling hiring managers and corporations to work with DreamJobs’ experts to optimize their processes and provide a best-in-class experience for candidates to these hourly wage positions.

“The integration between DreamJobs and Jobalign gives companies a complete and efficient end-to-end high volume recruiting solution, allowing our clients to better focus on growing their business while we work on sourcing and onboarding the best local talent while providing a positive experience for their job applicants and hiring managers.” said Mike Dachenhaus, Senior Partner at DreamJobs,  “Simply said, our expertise allows our customers to achieve business results through the strategic investment in their most valuable asset, their people.”

About Jobalign

Jobalign.com is the leading mobile and bilingual cloud based recruiting technology and marketplace for hourly jobs. Jobalign makes it easy for workers to find, apply for, and get matched to jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through its OFCCP and EEOC compliant matching technology, Jobalign customers have processed close to 2 million mobile job applications and report a reduction of 60 percent in recruitment expenses and 50 percent in time-to-hire, while saving hundreds of hours in manual pre-screening tasks.

About DreamJobs

DreamJobs is a full-service talent solutions partner, helping clients drive down the overall cost of recruitment. DreamJobs designs and implements systems, processes and methodologies to help customers recruit and hire best-fit talent, from entry-level staff to the board room.  DreamJobs expertise allows customers to achieve business results through the strategic investment of their most valuable asset, their people. Learn more at: http://www.dreamjobsna.com.