Hiring Hourly Seasonal Workers? Disaster ahead!

If you’re hiring hourly seasonal workers and not utilizing mobile recruiting, you may be in trouble!

Hourly workers are a mobile-first community and on the go, which is emphasized by the number of applicants Jobalign sees apply via mobile. In the retail industry, 66% of applicants apply via mobile and only 33% apply via PC. That means employer application processes that are not mobile friendly are often abandoned by applicants whereas companies that use mobile first applications processes are seeing their candidate pool increase up to 8x.

The landscape of seasonal hiring is transforming- how does your company stack up?

With unemployment at an all time low, employers are losing applicants at the beginning of the recruitment process: long outdated applications. The hourly worker will get frustrated, and simply move on to the next opportunity.

Retailers are on track to add 700,000 seasonal positions in 2017 and the question remains: how do they plan to attract and fill these positions?

In the hourly space, that means employers need to be strategic about how to fill these positions effectively year after year. In addition, they need to consider how they will stand out as they compete for the same hourly candidates.

Companies large (think Amazon and FedEx) and small hire seasonal workers to fill positions in preparation for the seasonal rush. Many retailers rely heavily on seasonal holiday profits and with online sales up 6.8% they need to fill positions both in stores and in warehouse/fulfillment centers to meet the demands. Amazon alone shared plans on adding 50K fulfillment jobs.

Average Hourly Compensation for Retail Industry


The question remains, how can companies stay competitive? Companies are increasing wages on average by 3% and providing great benefits even including PTO and tuition reimbursement.

But staying competitive requires more than benefits and pay, your company and job posting needs to stand out. An application that takes up too much time or is not optimized for the candidates device will be abandoned (on average at an 80% rate). Keep candidates attention through the application process by being simple (less than 25 questions) and mobile optimized (for android and iPhone).

Job application click to apply conversion rate and best practices
Application Click-To-Apply Conversion Rate

Retail seasonal hiring will continue to grow and employers will need to continue to innovate their application processes to meet the needs of the hourly workers. This is our wheelhouse at Jobalign, and the problem that we address and solve. We will continue to cover these trends and do everything we can to support both the worker in what they want and the employer in what they need. Stay tuned!