3 Tips to Help You Get the Job

May 15, 2014
By Stephanie

3 Tips to Help You Get the Job

When you apply for a job through a website, you may be a bit nervous before your first interview. Take these three important steps before, during, and after each interview to impress your future boss, and to stand out from other applicants.

1.- Be Professional from the Start

Whether it’s a call, an email, an in person meeting, or even a text, your first outreach to your future boss should be simple, refined, and clear. In writing, use full words, not abbreviations. In person, speak clearly and thoughtfully. Remember that every interaction with a future employer counts, including how you carry yourself.

2.-Present Yourself Professionally

Your job may not require a suit and tie – even many office jobs these days don’t – but you should always be presentable and appropriate. Don’t overdo or underdo it – you’re not attending a wedding, nor are you headed to the gym. Find the elegant middle ground, and do your best.

A good rule of thumb is, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Think about how a manager or supervisor might dress for a job interview, and emulate that look from shoes, to clothing, to hygiene. The more refined your appearance, the better you will look to your prospective employer.

3-.Prepare Questions & Answers Ahead of Time

There are several common questions that are asked in just about every interview for every job. Take some time to prepare answers before your interview.

For example, you should be able to explain what prior work you’ve done in the field, and how you plan to arrange transportation to and from work. Also, have references from prior employers, including names and phone numbers or email addresses.

At the end of an initial meeting, the interviewer might ask if you have any questions about the job. It’s a good idea to have some ready. An interview is as much an opportunity for you to get to know a boss as it is for them to get to know you. Think ahead of time about what you’d like to know about the job, and have those questions on hand.