Jobalign announces VIR program: A white glove approach to recruiting success

Kirkland, Wa., August 24, 2017.: Today, Jobalign, the leading Candidate Engagement Platform for hourly workers and recruiters announces the launch of its VIR (Very Important Recruiter) program. The goal of the program is to radically improve the application process for hourly job seekers and the recruiting success for hourly recruiters.

What is the VIR program?

The VIR Program is designed to arm Jobalign’s enterprise customers and their front line recruiters with a programmatic delivery of recruiting support, from training materials to ongoing educational tools, to successfully attract and engage hourly jobseekers. Not only will VIR help recruiters improve their skills, but stay current on best-in-class practices in recruiting hourly job seekers.

Through best practice training processes for front line recruiters, Jobalign has seen a 200%+ improvement in applicant to hire ratios.

“We are thrilled to announce the VIR program”, said Doug Johnson, CEO of Jobalign. “Based upon the tremendous volume of data and learning which we have gathered around best-in-class hourly recruiting practices, we have built a program to programmatically share these practices directly with front-line recruiters. The VIR program is an included benefit of working with Jobalign with the program’s goal of delivering each recruiter an additional resource to be successful in their recruiting roles. We know specifically what it takes to be a successful hourly recruiter, and we want to share that information with front line recruiters on behalf of our customers!”

This importance of the recruiter in hourly hiring

The importance of supporting the recruiter is a critical ingredient in hourly recruiting success. Both hard and soft skills, including speed of response and time management, style and approach are all critical. Our client success relies in part on the success of its recruiters. The VIR program helps recruiters continuously learn and improve, empowers them with data driven insights on their hiring progress, and keeps them updated on what’s happening in the industry so they can stand above the competition. Jobalign assigns a Strategic account manager to every client to assure recruiters are paired with a knowledgeable partner who delivers on the VIR programs benefits.

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Most talent acquisition solutions weren’t built with hourly workers in mind. Jobalign is the only Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP)TM created for this vast and underserved segment of the workforce. Jobalign integrates with existing talent acquisition solutions seamlessly, engaging hourly candidates throughout the entire hiring process, reducing friction and abandon rates, while increasing the speed and number of candidates by up to 8x. Jobalign is based in the Greater Seattle Area. Visit us at