pay-for-performance agency solutions for high-volume hourly clients

Jobalign provides two unique partnership options

Key agency benefits

Our Cost Per Application (CPA) delivers only candidate applications that meet your client’s minimum requirements quickly and efficiently in a pay-for-results gross pricing model. Let Jobalign provide you with:

Text to Apply

Our CEP (Candidate Engagement Platform) offers a fully integrated and seamless utility sitting between your media sourcing campaign and your client’s ATS. We provide full mobile and SMS text-to-apply bilingual application tools and automated phone interviewing and Voice Analyzer. Defined budgets, unlimited users, location, and screening criteria with world-class customer support are all included as part of the implementation.

Fully Sourced Option

CEP + Media Campaigning is CEP as well as one-touch automated sourcing to more than 100 job boards and promotion to our network of more than 1 million candidates, along with real-time performance optimization.


We provide your clients a programmatic and commissionable option for their regional community listings and an additional revenue opportunity for your agency.

The five highest-performing agency verticals include food and beverage, call center and customer service, hospitality, retail, and facilities and general labor (e-fulfillment, warehousing, and maintenance).

The Jobalign account management team works in consultation with your team to provide predictive options, customized utilization, and statistical analysis of results.

Proposals can meet any budget or candidate application and performance deliverables.

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