Helping Staffing Companies Find More Hourly Candidates

Flip the spectrum of engagement for hourly candidates with Jobalign

Key Staffing Organization Benefits

Jobalign understands the challenges of running a staffing organization. Keeping track of thousands of hourly candidates across multiple geographies can be daunting. Let Jobalign help with:

Automated Hourly Hiring

Our platform is built to make hourly hiring more efficient, with automated processes that help broadcast jobs and prequalify candidates without any additional input from your team.

Mobile-first Solution

Truly engage hourly candidates who are impossible to reach with traditional systems with a mobile-first experience, including SMS text applications for on-the-go talent.

Optimized for Staffing

We’ve worked with staffing leaders to ensure Jobalign was designed to work with the systems you already have in place. We supplement and work with your existing technology to increase the flow and engagement of hourly candidates.

63 percent of applicants completed a job application and phone interview without touching a desktop computer.

More than 330,000 applications are processed for staffing organizations.

The average staffing organization saves 68 percent in traditional job advertising and recruitment costs.

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