What Is a Candidate Engagement Platform?

Do You Need One for Hourly Hiring?

We all know about the long-established human resource technologies like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Human Resource Information Systems, background screening providers, and payroll systems, but how much do you know about the new technology creating a buzz in the talent acquisition space: The Candidate Engagement Platform?

What is a Candidate Engagement Platform?

An ATS tracks applicants, but what happens when candidates aren’t applying in the first place? It is not enough to place an ad on your website or a job board and hope you receive a large number of candidates, let alone enough to fill an open position. With current record low unemployment rates, competition to hire the best talent is tougher than ever. More conscious efforts are required to attract job seekers in today’s market.

Candidate engagement platforms work in this space to attract and encourage job seekers to apply for open positions. New technologies are bridging the gap between the time a job seeker hears about a position and once they have completed an application.

According to Glassdoor, when organizations focus on a strong candidate experience, hiring quality increases by as much as 70%. While each platform will have its own set of features, a Candidate Engagement Platform leverages technology to provide a better candidate experience and helps automate the hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers.


How does Candidate Engagement Fit into your Hourly Recruiting Strategy?

Talent acquisition teams who hire high-volume hourly talent have drastically different engagement needs than those hiring for salaried positions.

A good candidate engagement platform:

  1. Reaches workers on their terms. With 82% of hourly job seekers searching for jobs from their phone, applications optimized for mobile and text are key. Remember, just because an application is accessible online does not mean it is easy to apply. You gain an incredible competitive advantage by allowing candidates to apply for your positions from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Does not disrupt your current workflow. You have spent time and money on other technologies and likely have a review process in place. Don’t reinvent the wheel. A good Candidate Engagement Platform fits with the technology you already use, seamlessly integrating with both your sourcing efforts and ATS.
  3. Increases the number of candidates you receive. It may go without saying, but you need your Candidate Engagement Platform to perform. The technology should be personalized to your hiring needs, creating automation to help you recruit more efficiently.
  4. Makes it extremely easy to apply. There are many points of abandonment for a job seeker applying to a non-exempt position: resume upload, login creation, poor communication from the hiring company, and more. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that 60% of job seekers have quit an application process because of its length or complexity alone! With high turnover, most hourly positions cannot afford to miss out on candidates because their application process was built for a salary worker.
  5. Maximizes recruiting ROI. Time is money. A good Candidate Engagement Platform saves time and money for your team. Innovative screening questions and streamlined profiles save review time for recruiters and hiring managers. Better candidate engagement means less time on job boards and better use of advertising spend.
  6. Strengthens your employer brand. Every communication you have with potential employees influences their decision to take a position with your organization, how they will perform, and if they will stay. One benefit of a Candidate Engagement Platform is that it is a streamlined process and offers simple applications and modes of communication. Build a positive brand as an employer by eliminating hoop jumping during the pre-employment process. Think: would you want to work for an employer who makes it difficult for you to express interest in a position? Probably not.
  7. Leverages social media. Some of your best employees may be those who already like your company! By integrating into and using social media as a tool to engage applicants, you are meeting candidates where they spend time and potentially capitalizing on low-hanging fruit.
  8. Effectively communicates with applicants. An application is never the last piece of communication you have with a candidate before the hire. Using a Candidate Engagement Platform to engage applicants throughout the hiring cycle keeps them excited about the position and can help a candidate choose you over the competition.


Do you Need a Candidate Engagement Platform?

Candidate engagement is critical to finding the best applicants for your organization. As many hourly positions are getting harder and harder to fill, talent acquisition teams must use technology as a tool to help them hire, though most organizations are still in the elementary stages of implementing a strategy.

There are a few questions to ask yourself when considering implementation of a Candidate Engagement Platform:

  1. Are you satisfied with the speed, quality, or quantity of your current recruiting efforts? First things first. What challenges are you facing? If you have a long time to hire or simply cannot attract enough applicants for your positions, a Candidate Engagement Platform may be a great resource. Recruiting in hourly is a numbers game. To hire more people, you must interview more people, which means you must receive more applications.
  2. Do you have a candidate review process in place? How long do recruiters and hiring managers take to follow up with a job applicant? The nature of hourly hiring is that candidates apply to many positions within a short time frame. Jobalign recommends that you follow-up to applicants within a 48 hour time frame. Ask yourself if recruiters and hiring managers have the capacity to review the larger number of applications you will receive with a Candidate Engagement Platform.
  3. Do you have internal stakeholder buy-in? How do your recruiters and hiring managers feel about more candidates? Has the HR Executive team committed to implementing a better process? If you are hoping to utilize a new platform, it will go a long way to have your team on board.


As businesses struggle to find and hire the best talent to fill open positions, candidate engagement remains a challenge. A Candidate Engagement Platform exists as a technology solution that helps solve candidate flow issues. Using a Candidate Engagement Platform, talent acquisition teams can help their current technology work better, easing the burden of time and money spent on traditionally unsuccessful hiring techniques. If you struggle to engage and secure talent, a Candidate Engagement Platform may be the perfect solution.

About Jobalign:

Jobalign specializes in the hourly space to fill the top of your hiring funnel. We help companies to engage with hourly workers by offering an optimized application, resulting in 8x more candidates, money saved on sourcing costs and increased productivity for hiring managers. Pay only for performance (not per user, not per job, not per click) and fill open positions faster. Our best in class account management team offers the expertise to help your jobs stand out!