WOTC Screening & Processing

Automated Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Screening and Processing

You might be asking, what is WOTC?

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit for employers who hire and retain individuals with significant barriers to employment; such as Veterans, long-term unemployed, felons, and others on State assistance programs like SNAP, TANF, & SSI.

Why Participate in WOTC?
Do you have Federal Tax Liability?
Do you have a high percentage of hourly employees?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, you should be screening for WOTC.

Let’s Dive Deeper:
An employer who hires eligible employees in any designated Target Group, qualifies for the credit
WOTC reduces your company tax liability by up to $9,600 per qualified employee
There is no limit to the number of tax credit you can claim
Tax credit earned frees up real company dollars you can use for other programs

WOTC Benefits

Certain tax-exempt organizations can take advantage of WOTC by hiring eligible Veterans and earn a credit against the employer's share of FICA taxes.

By hiring an individual who is WOTC eligible, employers not only provide a job opportunity, but can gain a thankful and loyal employee who stays longer.

For every Federal $1 spent on the WOTC program, $5 is saved on other assistance programs by putting Americans to work.

Jobalign makes WOTC screening and processing simple. No more incomplete forms or trying to figure out the complex calculations. We streamline identifying eligible employees, capture the maximum amount of tax credits for each certification and manage the entire lifecycle of state certified credits from the WOTC application to year-end reporting.

100% Compliance

All new hires are screened during onboarding so you never miss a potential client

Intelligent Q&A

Employees are guided through simple screening questions in plain English or Spanish

Hours and Wages Tracking

We automate all the complex calculations; maximizing your tax credits

Process Automation

We submit and monitor required documents; ensuring all critical deadlines are met

Data On-Demand

Our comprehensive reporting tools help you monitor the total tax credit you have earned

Up to $9,600 per New Hire

There are no limits for the amount of WOTC credits you can claim

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