Jobalign Launches Certified Partner Network

Optimizing Together the Hiring of Hourly Workers for Large and Mid Market Organizations

SEATTLE—February 10, 2016—Jobalign Inc. announced today the launch of the Jobalign Certified Partner Network, a program which provides ongoing support, training and certification for Jobalign’s partners. The program includes sales and technical certification, as well as co-marketing and business development initiatives, to enable these partners to leverage Jobalign’s cloud recruiting platform and address the high volume hiring of hourly workers by mid-size and large corporations.

The program was created based on the past eighteen months of experience working with leading Employment branding agencies, Recruitment Advertising Agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcers, and HR Business Consultants. Their valued expertise along with Jobalign’s cloud recruiting platform can be used to optimize hiring processes and effectively address the high volume hiring of the hourly workforce, in compliance with EEOC and OFCCP guidelines.

Jobalign Certified Partner Network offers a unique opportunity for certified partners to provide their customers an automated mobile recruitment solution that expedites the hiring cycle by 50 percent on average, while reducing talent acquisition costs by up to 60 percent. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for Jobalign’s partners to provide value-added solutions and hourly hiring expertise to their customers.

“We believe the high volume recruitment optimization and Managed Services market, which continues to grow by double digits year over year, has tremendous potential on a nationwide scale. That’s why we are so pleased about our partnerships with leading firms in the sector,” said Luis Salazar, co-founder and CEO of Jobalign Inc. “Combining their expertise with our state-of-the-art cloud based technology, which was built from the ground up to serve the needs of the high volume hourly jobs segment, we streamline the whole recruiting process in a compliant, mobile and scalable way.”

There are 44 million service employees in the U.S. earning $14.30 an hour, which cost $2,000 each to recruit, screen, select, onboard, and train, according to the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at U.C. Berkeley. Mid-size and large employers face the challenges of high volume recruitment, compliance, a mobile workforce and outdated systems. “The total cost of hiring hourly workers is often hidden in a company’s P&L because it is fragmented across different divisions but $2,000 per hire is a significant cost for these large employers,” said Salazar. “Our Certified Partner Program combines the best cloud based mobile recruiting technology and hourly workforce marketplace with the expertise in recruitment, onboarding, employment branding and process optimization from our selected partners.”

Since 2014, working in partnership with leading Consulting firms, RPOs, Global Staffing firms and Global Managed Services firms, Jobalign has processed millions of mobile and EEOC compliant job applications for leading companies in the Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Managed Services and Staffing sectors, providing customers with an automated solution which can reduce talent acquisition costs and decrease time-to-hire.


About Jobalign is the leading mobile and bilingual cloud based recruiting technology and marketplace for hourly jobs. Jobalign makes it easy for workers to find, apply for, and get matched to jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through its OFCCP and EEOC compliant matching technology, Jobalign customers report a reduction of 60 percent in recruitment expenses and 50 percent in time-to-hire, while saving hundreds of hours in manual pre-screening tasks.