Jobalign Recruiting Analytics to enable Large Employers to Streamline Hiring of Hourly Workers

Seattle, WA—February 3, 2016—Jobalign, the leading Mobile and Bilingual Cloud based Recruiting Solution and Marketplace for hourly jobs, announced the release of Jobalign Recruiting Analytics™  which provides an in-depth inside look into the hourly recruiting process. It will provide finance, human resources and operations with rich visualization of the information needed to streamline their high volume recruiting operation, while ensuring a positive candidate experience.

With the use of advanced analytics, the many different signals related to a candidate, along with employer requirements, are combined into a suite of enterprise class interactive dashboards. This gives unprecedented visibility into the state of the recruiting operation at any given time, helping identify best practices at the individual recruiter, specific location, district or region level. As a result, Jobalign’s customers can now more effectively measure, analyze and improve their recruiting operations.

Among many key data points, companies can visualize the rate at which specific jobs are filled, the driving factors behind slow recruiting and the specific skill gaps that prevent candidates from being matched to jobs. Recruiters gain valuable insight into the best performing job titles, job descriptions, recruiting channels, average commute distance and the candidate’s preferred shift times. The advanced dashboards also provide a unique view into a recruiter’s performance and workload, the time it took for a recruiter to review and interview an applicant, make an offer and onboard the candidate. This comprehensive pre and post-hire view allows companies to ensure a best-in-class candidate experience and streamline their recruiting operation, ultimately saving them time and reducing expenses.

After processing close to two million applications for leading companies, Jobalign has analyzed over 100 million data points in real-time to enable the best possible match of a worker to a local job. Jobalign has helped their customers reduce their time-to-hire by 50 percent on average and total recruitment expenses by 60 percent. “Jobalign Recruiting Analytics complements our recruiting solution perfectly. We allow our customers to capture institutional knowledge related to the fine tuning of high volume recruitment operations. Until now, most of that information has been lost among dated systems and technologies,” said Luis Salazar, CEO of Jobalign. “We’re offering large employers and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms a unique visualization of their operation, giving them the tools needed to streamline high volume hiring environments and minimize the inefficiencies that are present, while also offering a great candidate experience.”

Jobalign enables large employers directly or through leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies in the U.S, to deploy a faster and more cost-effective recruitment solution optimized for hourly workers. Since 2014, Jobalign has processed nearly two million mobile and EEOC compliant job applications for leading companies in the U.S. “Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of the millions of hourly workers in the U.S. Data plays a fundamental role in enabling better matching and reducing the inefficiencies that plague the hourly sector at a cost of billions to our economy,” said Salazar.


About Jobalign is the leading mobile and bilingual cloud based recruiting technology and marketplace for hourly jobs. Jobalign makes it easy for workers to find, apply for, and get matched to jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through its OFCCP and EEOC compliant matching technology, Jobalign customers report a reduction of 60 percent in recruitment expenses and 50 percent in time-to-hire, while saving hundreds of hours in manual pre-screening tasks.