Jobalign and RP/6 Form Strategic Alliance to Match Veterans and their Families with Local Jobs

Seattle, WA—Jan 28, 2016—Jobalign, the leading Mobile and Bilingual Cloud based Recruiting Solution and Marketplace for hourly jobs, announced today their strategic alliance with Rally Point/6 (RP/6) to provide skilled veterans and their families local job opportunities relevant to their military experience. As part of this alliance, Jobalign is powering RP/6’s career pages and mobile applications nationwide, using skill-matching technology to better connect veterans with local jobs while giving more employers access to a well-prepared and experienced workforce.

Jobalign’s solution will present the job requirements in terms that are more familiar to a veteran’s military background and skill set. Through their partnership, Jobalign and RP/6 will improve the job-worker matching process.

As a result of combining RP/6’s experience working with veterans and Jobalign’s automated screening and matching technology, hiring managers can define the required skills in their own terms and the software automatically presents that information in both civilian and military terms that are familiar to veterans during the mobile job application process. Jobalign technology combined with RP/6 outreach and experience will allow veterans to identify a broader range of job opportunities while giving hiring managers access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Through the partnership, RP/6 will also provide simple and useful training, accessible from any mobile device, to further help veterans to get back into the civilian workforce.

“We have over 100 million data points in our worker network and after analyzing the data, we were surprised to find that the different terminology used by recruiters and skilled applicants prevented many veterans from finding the right job,” said Luis Salazar, CEO of Jobalign. “RP/6 and Jobalign are inspired by complementary visions and we are actively working together on driving change in the sector, plus we are excited about making a positive impact in the lives of so many veterans and their families,” added Salazar.

“Through our seamless integration with Jobalign, the process for veterans and their families to find local skilled jobs is greatly simplified. This will contribute to getting our veterans back into the civilian workforce faster, taking advantage of the valuable skills they have acquired during their military service,” said Anne Sprute, Founder and CEO of RP/6.

Applicants can apply to RP/6’s career page powered by Jobalign here.

Since 2014, Jobalign has processed nearly 2 million applications for large enterprise customers who report reduced recruitment expenses of up to 60 percent and faster hiring time by 50 percent. With Jobalign and RP/6 partnering together, the skill-matching process for veterans and their families to local jobs will help get veterans back into the workforce faster, while also automating the process for employers who are looking to hire them.


About Jobalign is the leading mobile and bilingual cloud based recruiting technology and marketplace for hourly jobs. Jobalign makes it easy for workers to find, apply for, and get matched to jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through its OFCCP and EEOC compliant matching technology, Jobalign customers report a reduction of 60 percent in recruitment expenses and 50 percent in time-to-hire, while saving hundreds of hours in manual pre-screening tasks.

About RP/6

RP/6 specializes in connecting service members, veterans and their families to valuable resources so they can develop a clear plan to take charge of their transition from military service. RP/6 engages and develops relationships with public and private partners within the military and veteran service provider ecosystem to provide access to resources and services. Utilizing RP/6’s tailored approach, connections to resources are provided to develop a clear action plan for the service member, veteran or family member’s path forward. We accomplish this mission with a focus on Service, Trust, and Results.