The Job Sector’s Dirty Little Secret: Extremely High Cost-Per-Hire

In the hourly jobs sector, outdated ATSs and processes, and the emergence of the mobile internet, create a form of passive discrimination where mobile applicants are neglected of a fair application process. Furthermore, the practice of serving ads and reselling candidate contact information causes inefficiencies while damaging the image of employers by associating their brand with these marketing malpractices.

  1. Jobalign 10-point OFCCP and EEOC Compliance: Automated screening based on objective criteria, defined by HR and equally applied to all applicants, regardless of the device they use. Documented screen-out reasons include distance from job site, minimum requirements, complete job application, etc.
  2. Automatic job expiration when requested number of qualified candidates apply. The expired job is automatically removed from the career page, as well as from all job boards and third-party traffic sources — candidates are never exposed to an expired job.
  3. Jobs cannot be reopened until all candidates have been reviewed and disposed.
  4. Enforced FIFO review of candidates based on application time stamp.
  5. Detailed record of all recruiter review activity, including on-screen activity like looking at profile, printing profile, writing notes, etc.
  6. Centrally controlled competency model questions: full central control of automatic interview questions, but with flexibility for recruiters to select questions while staying compliant. Questions can be assigned to different organizations and/or by job families.
  7. System of record: one repository of all applicant data from multiple systems (Jobalign, ATS, Excel spreadsheets) with compliance reporting capabilities.
  8. Compliance reports based on recruiter, candidate, organization unit, or job unit.
  9. Comprehensive EEOC reporting, including EEO-1 reporting. The EEOC is increasingly interested in the reporting of demographic information of applicants and employees. They are looking to the employer to provide this visibility, and our reporting exceeds the requirements by also providing them with information on mobile and technology aspects.
  10. One-hundred percent mobile-friendly EEOC data collection as per most current guidelines. Jobalign recruitment process is reviewed and advised by Fisher & Phillips LLP experts in labor law to ensure compliance with current revisions of the law.

We integrate with existing talent acquisition solutions seamlessly, engaging hourly candidates throughout the entire hiring process, reducing friction and abandon rates, which increases the speed and number of candidates by up to 8x.