Jobaline announces corporate name change to Jobalign

Jobaline, the leading candidate engagement platform for hourly workers, announced today that the company is changing its name to Jobalign. The name change becomes effective immediately.

“Although subtly different, this name change reflects our not-so-subtle focus to align businesses with hourly workers, and radically improve the ability of businesses to engage and hire hourly job seekers.  The name “Jobalign” represents our commitment to align these two communities and remove the friction that exists between them today,” said Doug Johnson, CEO, Jobalign.

As part of this rebranding, Jobalign is launching its new product: Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP)TM which dramatically improves the engagement between hourly employees and hiring organizations, resulting in an 8x increase in candidate flow.

Jobalign’s commitment is to:

Deliver more candidates to employers by reaching the hourly worker on their terms – any device, anywhere, anytime, through our Spectrum of Engagement.

Seamlessly work with the technology businesses already have in place with no disruption to their current process.

Provide more information and better tools to empower hourly workers to find the right job and put their best foot forward in the application process.

If you’re an employer hiring hourly workers and you are dissatisfied with the speed, quality or quantity of current hourly recruiting or sourcing, call us at (425) 947-2707 or email us at

Most talent acquisition solutions weren’t built with hourly workers in mind. Jobalign is the only Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP)TM created for this vast and underserved segment of the workforce. Jobalign integrates with existing talent acquisition solutions seamlessly, engaging hourly candidates throughout the entire hiring process, reducing friction and abandon rates, while increasing the speed and number of candidates by up to 8x. Jobalign is based in the Greater Seattle Area. Visit us at