Turn Hourly Recruiting From a Struggle into a Strength

Jobalign will equip you with the tools and support you need to successfully attract, engage, and hire hourly job seekers.

Leisure Care Implements Jobalign to Solve Their Hiring Challenges

To out-hire the competition you must:

Leverage Free Organic



Jobalign’s data-driven Intelligent Job Advertising is designed to attract the best hourly talent from the market. We uniquely understand where and how to advertise hourly jobs, at scale.

The Smart Apply process has 4x better completion rates vs status quo, which ensures qualified applicants get their information into your hands!

Through our proprietary technology and millions of job postings, you have the tools to out-engage the competition for hourly workers.

Candidate Messenger



Jobalign presents your team with the playbook and toolset to recruit faster and more cost effectively.

The mobile based platform is designed to work in dynamic, distributed, and complex org structures where recruiters and hiring managers may not have any recruiting or HR experience.

Whether your team is at the front desk, on the floor, or at a job site, they immediately engage candidates via text with one click. Reach hourly candidates instantly and hire faster!



You are more inefficient with hourly hiring than you even know.

Jobalign’s Performance Reporting gives real-time visibility into your recruiting funnel and where your organization is functioning well, or not.

Jobalign analytics drill down into the details that are critical to your success – including the speed of outreach to candidates, sentiment analysis regarding what messages receive the best response rate, and which job boards are producing the best ROI.



Improve your Hourly Hiring ROI through:

Increased quality candidate pool
Reduced overall advertising spend
Faster time to hire
Increased job satisfaction of hiring managers
Improvement in Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

We work with hourly leaders

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