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Jobalign built the Candidate Engagement Platform from the job seeker’s perspective. It aligns the needs of employers with the way hourly workers engage today.

We work with hourly leaders


The Candidate Engagement Platform is built to engage hourly employees by:

Reaching Candidates on Their Terms

Our platform’s mobile-optimized experience doesn’t require a smartphone or a computer to submit an application. Perfect for hourly talent who may not have regular access to either.

Increases the Spectrum of Engagement

Reduces time to hire for most organizations by 50 percent, saving candidates and organizations time by delivering hourly workers quickly and easy.

Integrating with Your Existing ATS

No need to change your technology. Jobalign can work with your existing recruiting software to create the ideal application experience for hourly job candidates.


See what hourly hiring leaders think of Jobalign.

Lynne DeMatteo, The Hotel Group

“As an employer with 35+ hotels and over 2000 team members, Jobalign has been a huge asset for us the last couple of years in this incredibly tough labor market. We started with them at the very beginning and have been impressed with the improvements and modifications made to the system to keep up with the market pace regarding employment.”

Laura Bland, Flying Food Group

"As Corporate HR Manager and Recruiter, Jobalign has been extremely helpful in securing candidates specific to the needs of our business. We have hundreds of job openings each week, and Jobalign has been very user-friendly, and a cost savings for our company."

J.D. Qualley, Living Links

“This application helped us with recruiting higher quality hourly candidates, with verified contact information, and mobile communication tools which professionalized our process and greatly improved the candidate experience. Thanks, Drew and Doug!”

Zoe Green, Service Partners

“Jobalign makes it easy and has provided us with high-quality qualified candidates. The fact that candidates can easily apply from their cellphones has really improved our recruiting efforts.”

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