Candidate Communication

Reach More Candidates. Schedule More Interviews. Hire Faster!
Speed is Critical

Speed is Critical

The longer you wait to reach out, the more likely someone else has hired your candidate. Jobalign’s research shows that 90% of text messages sent within 30 minutes of an application receive a response from the candidate.

By using big data, Jobalign knows what messages receive the best response rate from candidates. We give you templates to easily send those messages.

Candidate Messenger

Candidate Text Messenger

Text is the best way to reach today’s candidates! Jobalign’s candidates messenger is an enterprise-grade text platform that allows recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to candidates as soon as they apply.

The mobile-first solution designed to work in dynamic, distributed, complex org structures, where hiring managers are not HR experts.

With Candidate Messenger, recruiting managers don’t use their personal phones and you stay fully complaint

Mobile Recruiter

Mobile Recruiter

Receive customizable notifications via email and/or text message when a new candidate has applied.

Reach candidates in minutes after they apply to schedule more interviews

schedule a demo and engage candidates today.