Jobalign Candidate Messenger is Here!

Today, Jobalign announced the release of Jobalign Candidate Messenger, the newest tool added to our Candidate Engagement Platform, which allows recruiters to text directly with job-seekers from the Jobalign platform.

Messages sent through Candidate Messenger are delivered directly to a candidate’s cell phone via text, greatly improving the communication between recruiter and candidate.

Candidates “going dark” is a top rated frustration of recruiters. Using Jobalign Candidate Messenger, recruiters cater to hourly candidates’ preferred method of communication and allow for immediate conversation in order to schedule interviews, answer questions and fill roles faster. This increases candidate engagement, reduces post-apply applicant abandonment and bridges the post-apply engagement gap.

Here is what customers are saying about Candidate Messenger:

“The ability to leverage Jobalign Candidate Messenger to communicate via text-message with my candidates directly, without having to use a mobile device, will significantly improve my ability to connect with potential future employees,” says Reykha Bonilla HR Manager at Vantage Apparel. “This is a GAME CHANGER.”

The Recruiting Engagement Gaps

There are two engagement gaps within the hourly recruiting process which cause wasteful spending, loss in recruiter productivity, and job-seeker frustration that result in slower time to hire. For years Jobalign has helped organizations address the first gap with our Smart Apply tool, that provides hourly optimized applications via mobile and text. Candidate Messenger now helps address the second, post-apply, engagement gap. Together, Jobalign Smart Apply & Candidate Messenger bridge these gaps and drastically increase the efficiency within the recruiting life cycle.

Post Apply Engagement Gap

How Candidate Messenger Fills the Second Engagement Gap

Jobalign’s industry research has determined the number one frustration for hourly job seekers is not hearing back from an employer in a timely manner. There is a brief window of time when a recruiter has the opportunity to connect with a candidate. After 48 hours, candidate response rates drop off significantly and candidates often cannot be reached as they have already moved on to other opportunities.

The right communication tool and a streamlined recruiting process is the difference between scheduling an interview and losing a good hire. With Jobalign Candidate Messenger, the tool is placed into the recruiters hands, and the gap preventing candidate engagement is bridged!

A view of Candidate Messenger from the recruiters chat window:

Messenger laptop

A view of Candidate Messenger from candidate cell phone:
Messenger Phone

As an established expert in mobile and text based recruitment within the hourly space, we are excited to hand this additional power of text over to recruiters.


Jobalign Candidate Messenger is fully TCPA and EEOC compliant with all data and text history available for search and audit. It also gives recruiters and management reporting capabilities to determine efficiency of the recruiting process. All candidate conversations are organized in a single dashboard available for recruiters on any device.

About Jobalign

Recruiters love that Jobalign makes it easy to attract, engage, and hire hourly workers. Hourly job seekers love the positive candidate experience and simple application from any device.

To learn more, please schedule a demo with us today and see the Jobalign Candidate Messenger press release on PR Newswire.

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