The Race To Attract The Hourly Workforce

Understanding Your Application Abandonment Rate and What to Do About It

In the race to attract a great hourly workforce, it is important to not only be enticing in the benefits and job itself, but also to make more accessible applications to attract a higher volume of candidates.

Traditional ATS application solutions are not built for hourly hiring success. For every 100 candidates who apply via desktop, an average of 8 will complete a job application. For mobile click-throughs, the completion figure is just 1.5 percent. Jobalign sees 66% of candidates apply via mobile so a 1.5% completion rate is chilling. Of course, with an optimized mobile application, Jobalign also sees over an 80% completion rate, so there is still hope.


What Is An Abandonment Rate?

The percentage of candidates that click on your application but abandon before completing. The industry average abandonment rate is over 80%.


When Does Abandonment Start?

There are multiple factors impacting hourly recruiting today and making it challenging for employers to effectively engage. Hourly workers are likely to abandon within the first 3-5 minutes if they encounter long page load times, complex ATS register/login, non-friendly application and lengthy applications.


How to Track Abandonment?

With the help of analytics and tracking (Google Analytics, ClickCast, Jobalign Analytics) employers are able to see when and potentially why an hourly applicant is abandoning their process.


Common Points of Drop Off:

  1. Non-Mobile Optimized Applications | Only 10% of companies use mobile-optimized applications and 61 percent of service organizations still rely on paper applications during the hiring process.
  2. Login Requirements
  3. Resume Upload (time-consuming and/or non-mobile friendly)
  4. English Only Applications (for bilingual speakers)
  5. Lengthy Application (over 20 questions)


How Do You Improve Abandonment?

  1. Mobile Application
  2. Streamlined Questions
  3. Text-to-Apply Options
  4. Reducing Login Requirements, etc.


Put yourself in the hourly candidates shoes. If you were applying on your cell phone, at a bus stop, or while on break what would entice you to complete an application?

According to Appcast, recruiters can boost conversion rates (candidates viewing a job ad, who go on to complete an application) by up to 365% by reducing the length of the application process to 5 minutes or less.

With constant technological innovation, employers will need to continue to innovate their application processes to meet the needs of the hourly workers. This is our wheelhouse at Jobalign, and the problem that we address and solve. We will continue to cover these trends and do everything we can to support both the worker in what they want and the employer in what they need. Stay tuned!